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Thread: Epson 1250 Scanner Problem

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    Epson 1250 Scanner Problem

    Just done a fresh install on my new HD and currently installing my scannner, which worked fine before. However after installing the drivers from the website I keep getting the following message:

    "There was a problem installing this hardware.

    Epson Scanner 010f

    A error occured during the installation of the device.

    The class installer has denied the request to install or upgrade this device."

    Have uninstalled and reinstalled the software, rebooted etc but it still persists!

    Thanks for any help.
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    I have one of those and never had any problem installing from the downloaded drivers. Did you try downloading the drivers a second time in case you got a corrupt download or something.

    Also i think your not meant to have the scanner plugged in and connected to the computer when you install the software. Not sure about this but I think you install the software and then connect the scanner and Windows comes up with new hardware message, then let it search for drivers and it should install fine.

    I'm sure that is how i did it last and it worked .

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