Got a shiny new +/-/RAM/dual layer DVD rewriter for my main Shuttle, so did the usual shift around of hardware and my SK41G went from a 52xCD to a CD-RW drive which my SS51G has had for months.

Made a rebuild CD for the SK41G and it was happily doing a Windows 2003 install when it powered itself off, I thought at first I'd knocked the power cable loose, then I noticed the interesting smell.

Took the lid of the case and everything was red hot, I checked the wiring on the fan in case I'd pulled it by mistake, but it was intact, so I guessed I had blown the PSU.

I took out the HDD & CDRW and let the system cool with the lid off, then connected it back to the power, and it tried to boot, so the temperature protection feature appears to have saved the system from critical problems at least.

I've restored the 52x CD drive and I'm currently rebuilding again with the lid off so I can monitor the temperature, it seems to be behaving itself again now.

Is there any known issue with running CDRW drives in the SK41G?
Or could it be something during the Windows 2003 install shut off the ICE fan somehow? (Unlikely I think.)

Anyone running Windows 2003 on an SK41G?