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Thread: Installing a motherboard and graphics card.

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    Installing a motherboard and graphics card.

    I have just been putting only my 2nd pc together and I have a little concern.

    The parts worrying me are the following:

    Case: Chenbro Xpider II
    Mobo: Abit AV8 3rd Eye
    Graphics: Sapphire X800 XT PE

    When I put the motherboard in the case it didn’t sit exactly on the standoffs near the back of the case. I needed to apply some pressure to get them over the holes. I didn’t have to “force” the board, just apply some smallish pressure with my thumb to align the holes.

    Then when I put the graphics card in, again some pressure was needed. It all seems to fit in pretty tight. Also the monitor slot in the back is almost touching the divider between the pci slots (if you look at the outside of the case), and so putting the monitor in requires again, a bit of pressure. I don’t think I have had to apply massive force anywhere, but things didn’t sit perfect and so some pressure was needed.

    My question is, is this normal? Things are working fine, I am just a bit concerned that there could be some damage going on!

    Any comments would be much appreciated.

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    Just the design of the case I guess.

    I've had it a few times before.
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    Thank you. Was a little worried, probably for no reason.

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