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Thread: Unable to install SP2

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    Question Unable to install SP2


    I have just built a system for a mate and i carnt for the life of me get it to install SP2 for Windows XP Pro.

    It installs windows fine.

    I then install all the drivers, chipset, direct x 9, graphics card

    I then go to install sp2, i run the .exe for SP2 and it gets so far and says "file copprut"

    Fair enough, download from another site and burn to a different CD-RW disk. Get the same error again

    Anyone understand that ?

    I then decide to install SP1 instead from a CD that has been sent direct from Microsoft.

    It installs part the way and gives an error on a file, click retry and it carrys on. Finishs SP1 install and says its completed successfully

    Reboot and get a blue screen, unable to get to windows

    This has happened 3 times now, 3 formats and it does it everytime !

    Anyone help me ?


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    I have no Idea soz, could it be a hardware issue like a dodgy hard drive. Run scan disk (or whatever its called now) and see what it comes up with. If you have access to another hard drive try that.

    Also is the version of windows genuine? Or is it a dodgy downloaded one that could easy be the cause of the problem?

    I prefer installing SP2 staight after a clean install of XP, not after all the chipset/gfx drivers etc as SP2 could overwrite newer files.

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