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Thread: SATA RAID arrays - A quick question

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    Most newer S754 boards are fine with Raptors running on the onboard controllers, but 220MHz is not a good test. My original K8V would run 239MHz 1:1 (3200+ Clawhammer) and it had no locks. Run at 240+ and tell me how it does.

    Why 16k and not 64k?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StormPC
    My DFI locks also but the MSI K8N Neo2 (and most S939 boards) has problems running Raptors in RAID 0 on the nVidia controller. You'll save yourself a lot of headaches using a PCI controller for SATA if you are overclocking.

    Sorry, I should have said "not ALWAYS locked" rather than saying "not locked".

    Just for fun try running your system at 250x11 with your memory running 500MHz and see what happens. Noticed your memory in your 2k1 compare is at only 410MHz.
    That run was actually done with setup in rig and need to change the description in the project, so ram at 245 and it locks.

    I must say your the first person I have come across thats having lock problems...
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    Quote Originally Posted by StormPC
    Why 16k and not 64k?

    As for the testing above 220FSB, I would if my chip would play but since it wont I cant test this. I was mearly showing that my setup runs Raptors fine at 220FSB on my rig.

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    Thanks for the advice guys. The main thing holding me back from Raid 0+1 is money, as the drives are nearly £100 each. Infact, its holding me back from RAID at all.

    I've looked at performance benchmakrs of the drives in a RAID 0 and stand alone, and from what i've seen for what i'll use, a single drive will work just as well. Plus it leaves more space in my case for extra storage.

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