After month and month of waiting and shopping and reviewing and asking around, I finally did get a system. One of my biggest concerns was catching up to technology. I waited for ddr2, pcie all that!!!! And finally got the P5AD2.

I am now having second thoughts, for one reason. It's too late to return it but here's my question.

Will the P5AD2 board from Asus support 1066 FSB? I know it does not in factory settings, but if I overclock it to 266 will the new soon to come P4 with 1066 fsb chips work. As fr as I know only the 925X"E" chipsets will support 1066 but my question is will it work if I overclock my 925X chipset to 1066 FSB. Do I have to change my board to get the new 1066 fsb working?????? Any help would be appreciated.