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Thread: Pocket PC Applications & Games

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    Pocket PC Applications & Games

    Does anyone know any good applications or games that are worth getting for pocket pc? I just got an O2 XDA2 which is an AWESOME phone, 400mhz Intel Xscale, 128mb ram built in, just ordered another 512mb card.

    I have found both quake and dukenukem3d for it ( There is also Quake 2 although I haven't tried that yet!

    Also there is a NES/SNES/GB/GBA/Megadrive/MasterSystem/TurboFX emulator for the pocket pc available from which runs very well indeed

    So, any other cool apps you guys have found?


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    A great site is
    Tonnes of freeware Im getting a HP RX 3715 for xmas and am currently collecting a plethora of software to stick on it, if you want some PM me your details and ill send them over msn or Aim.
    So far ive got many decent games, Real One Player, Windows Media 10 and some other nicities, i've also purchased snails

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