First of all, i wish a very Happy New Year 2005.....

I built my first pc ( for my wife) about a year ago. I used advices from this forum, since then i have lost track of what's happening......so many changes in less than 12 months!!!!

I need a new system, the one i have got is ageing for my need. I use it mainly for digital imaging. It has a huge bottleneck....the FSB.....it takes ages to process my shoots, via Nikon capture. I process about 300-400 pic a week, so managing my time is really important.

My current pc is the Dell 8100 with 1.4 ghz ( fsb: 400mhz, willamett), 1gg rambus, nvidia 4600ti 128mb....( trust me it is good, I LOVE IT

I need advices on my next system: AMD 64 or intel?? which board? knowing that it has to have a fsb of at least 800mhz , which cpu? the fastest is not relevant as it will not increase my workflow significantly.
A graphic card with 128mb is really enough as i'd rather put ny cash on a Lacie 22'' blue electron CRT screen.

Wow that is a lot of questions!!! Thank you for your guidance.