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Thread: Starting to build my rig - couple of questions

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    Starting to build my rig - couple of questions

    I finally started to put together my new PC last night. Pretty straightforward but i'm still waiting for memory and graphics card to arrive today to complete the job. Anyway i've got two questions that I hope someone can answer:

    1) Thermaltake Tsunami case - no speaker connector - the manual indicates a 4-pin speaker connector but this does not exist. Can someone confirm this?

    2) LED/switch connectors for this case - the connectors for wiring the power switch, HHD LED, reset switch etc are all colour coded with 2 wires each. One of the wires on each connector is white and the other is a different colour depending on the connector. The case manual does not indicate the polarity of the wires. When plugging these into the motherboard ensure that the writing on the connector is facing away from the motherboard?

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    For the polarity look on the connectors themselves sometimes there is a "+" or a arrow sign to show which one is the positive end.

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    The coloured one is always positive, im sure the writing on the pin connector is always facing upwards. Dont hold me to this though. It might be worth doing two for example picking the colours out and putting them to the positive pins, then if they both face up or down they normally all should face that way. The case may have the speaker connector actually on the USB connector, for example mine has the USB one which plugs into the mobo... and coming off that about 6 speaker connectors but I have an Audigy so I dont bother with that.

    Hope this helps


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