I would indeed be very happy to have comments from users of the above MOBO with regard to the following issue(s):

My above MOBO, which otherwise functions quiete well, was on delivery accompanied by a CD containing, amongst other software, an ASUS BIOS-driver (K8VSED.01) - a default BIOS-driver. Also there was on the CD a driver and software for the socalled "Cool'n'Quiet" feature. Not at least in order to have the latter functioning (which it did not do under the current BIOS-version), I decided to upgrade from the ASUS-webpage the BIOS stepwise through "K8VSEDX5", being apparently the most up-to-date BIOS-driver for my MOBO. It went fine till and including K8SEDX.04 - however, when I would upgrade to the newest driver (re above) I ended up with a black screen, and I had to reinstall the default BIOS-driver. Neither has it been possible to have the "C'n'Q"- feature/driver/programme functioning with any of the BIOS-versions, although I carefully adjusted the settings as recommended where they ought to be adjusted.

How can it be that it proves impossible to have the newest BIOS-version functioning, and why is it impossible to have neither to "C'n'Q"-feature working under none of the BIOS-versions? The software of the latter, when activated, leaves 10-12 small "C'n'Q"-interfaces and then hangs! Neither are there traces of the software to be found in the "Screen-properties"...as referred to.

Again, would be grateful to have comments from experienced users of this MO, from moderators, or from anybody else who may contribute to enlarging my knowledge in this regard. Thanks a lot for helping! Oeksen37+