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Thread: First Shuttle Build

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    First Shuttle Build

    I'm going to attempt my first SFF build, and as it's for someone else i'd like to run a list past to make sure i've got the right everything....

    Shuttle SB61G2 V3 P4 Box (Black)
    P4 3.0GHz S478 "Prescott" (800FSB) HT 1MB Cache
    Corsair Value Select RAM 512MB PC3200
    80GB Samsung SpinPoint P80 ATA-150 (7,200rpm,8MB) - SATA
    Sony DWD22 16x DVD RW Drive (Black)

    Should that lot work together - have seen some sites saying the SB61G2 won't take the Prescott chips, but from what I can see on the Shuttle site it can... ?

    And RAM - i've never built a P4 with HT - is it best to get 2 sticks 256 - or can/should I just use 1 stick of 512 with a view to adding a second later...

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    I'd just cough the extra $75 and get the second stick of RAM now. But if that's out of the question for budgetary reasons, then go with the single stick of 512. When you upgrade later, what are you going to do with the 2 x 256?
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