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Thread: BIOS ignores memory SPD settings

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    BIOS ignores memory SPD settings

    I've just checked my memory timings with CPU-Z and it shows my memory to be running at 2-3-3-5 instead of 2-2-2-5 (as picked up by its SPD detection). My BIOS is pretty much all default values (Auto for all memory related settings). As i'm not overclocking (specifically not increasing FSB), should I set the BIOS to manual for memory and change the settings to 2-2-2-5? The memory is rated to run at those timings for a 200MHz FSB (it's the memory in my sig). The voltage to the memory is set correctly according to the Corsair product info for these sticks (2.75V).

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    Yeah, just set the timings manually, then run something like memtest or prime95 to make sure it's stable.

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