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Thread: Quick Question About Flashing Bios

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    Quick Question About Flashing Bios

    I am getting stability issue with my memory/motherboard to a state where it wont even get into windows anymore. Over on the DFI forums they recommend upgrading to the latest beta bios.

    My mobo manual says to use the AWDflash.exe program from dos, but checking the DFI website I can only find winflash, and as I cant normally get into windows this is not much good for me.

    My question is, are all AWDflash.exe files compatible with all motherboards? I checked in google and can get the file from many other mobo manufacturers websites. So could I go to the asus or abit websites and download the flashing tool and use it with the DFI bios file (.bin)?

    Alternatively has anyone got a link to a suitable dos based flashing tool for my motherboards.

    Many thanks.
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    Sometimes Flash programs have incompatibilitys with different motherboards so i wouldnt risk using any other version of ADWflash.exe

    But If you know exactly what motherboard you have then there would be no problem in downloading the latest official BIOS for your motherboard
    (Which includes AWDflash.exe, and then use it with the beta bios you have found)

    Just make sure the AWDflash you get with the BIOS is the correct one for your motherboard revision, and then there shouldnt be a problem with compatibility with your Beta BIOS
    (As long as it is for your motherboard revision)

    It's only if you use a Flash utility from another Motherboard i.e. NF3 or NF4 but another manufacterer or model no. that you would have problems.

    The link i have given here has the DOS based flashing tool in it, under Diamond flash.

    It says you can run diamond flash and it will upload the latest BIOS to floppy disk drive
    (Just run it on someone elses computer)
    Then boot your PC with the floppy and it should update for you

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