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Thread: A8N SLI deluxe chip fan.....

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    A8N SLI deluxe chip fan.....

    hi there,

    i am on the verge of building a new rig and therefore im looking deeply into the components i have selected.....
    i was just reading a few reviews on the asus a8n sli deluxe, which is the board i was going to go with.

    the vast majority of reviews conclude that it is an excellent board with a couple of little faults, the most "annoying" being that the nforce 4 chip fan is noisy as hell. noise (or rather the elimination of it) is quite important for me.

    so i have 2 questions:
    a) can anyone who has this board tell me from their own experience, is it really that bad once its all boxed up in a system?
    b) does anyone have a good replacment for swapping the old fan for a new one? because i was thinking it may be a fairly custom size/fit making it hard to find a better replacment, has anyone done this? if so, which replacment did you use?

    thanks to anyone whos read this far!


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    I replaced mine with a waterblock before I even turned it on. However when my board died I had to put the chipset fan back on - it didn't seem all that bad, but it is really small, so it needs to spin pretty fast.

    Finding a replacement is tough, given that a big graphics card can very easily get in the way.
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