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Thread: Ram Recomendations For K8V Deluxe mobo?

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    Question Ram Recomendations For K8V Deluxe mobo?

    Well, Ive finally got fedup with only 512mb ram, looking to replace it with 2 x 512mb sticks of DDR400, trouble is, Im not sure what.

    I have found that in the part, this mobo has been a bit picky about what ram it likes (namely it wouldnt run above DDR333 with 2 x 512mb Twinmos CH5 sticks in it, tho single sticks would do DDR400 just fine).

    The 2 main ones Im looking at are the Geil Value pack Here

    Or the Elixir brand, which a lot of people seem to like for cheapness, Here

    Now, I know there are probly some people asking "why budget ram", well simply put, the K8V aint much of a clocker, running the K8T800 chipset, with no AGP or PCI locks, I cant get much past 210FSB before it falls over.

    So rather than spend extra £££ on "super duper overclocking" ram, I just want something thats stable.

    With that said, am I likely to see much performance difference between the Elixir and the Geil? I know the Geil is cas2.5 (tho its meant to do cas2 just fine @ DDR400, I have no personal experience of this), while the Elixir is cas3. Not sure about the rest of the timings, but given that my mobo doesnt do Dual Channel (S754) Would it be wise to go with the Geil (being £20 more expensive per GB) or will the performance difference be neglegable?

    Anyone have personal experience with using either (or both) of these ram types in this mobo?

    Cheers all!

    *Edit* I forgot to mention, I would be looking for 2 x 512mb sticks to replace my Corsair, becuase I cannot find another stick of it, they dont make it no more. (not to mention its too expensive to have in a system that doesnt clock well)
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