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Thread: Fastest Drive option

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    Fastest Drive option

    Right, I've got two Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 250gb, (Ata100 3.5lp 8ms 7200rpm 8mb with an 8ms seek time) drives.

    Now are they going to be quicker (if at all) running from the on-board IDE controller, from my promise TX200 raid card, or from a different brand/model of raid card?

    Or is there going to be no difference at all in bandwidth?
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    I would expect it to be faster using the onboard IDE controler. NVIDIA has aquality ATA controler, with good drivers, and it's not attached to the PCI bus.

    Any raid card you add would be sharing bandwidth with anything else on the PCI bus.

    An quality 3rd party raid card with its own dedicated cache would be fastests, but would cost more than the drives did.

    I doubt it's going to be a big difference though.

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