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Thread: Ram for A8N-SLi?

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    Ram for A8N-SLi?

    Hi All,

    I'm just about to build my new system and wanted to pick your brains a bit. I'm getting the following bits:

    AMD64 San Diego 3700
    Asus A8N SLI Deluxe
    Gigabyte GeForce 6600Gt
    2 x 200Gb Seagate HDD
    Tagan PSU
    Coolermaster Stacker(I think, not 100% on this yet)

    However, I'm undecided on RAM. I prefer to buy from Crucial because I know their memory is pretty good and their returns process is nice and simple(at least it was when I used it a couple years ago). I'm not sure whether to go for 1Gb of Ballistix Ram or 2Gb of their "normal" RAM.

    I'm not going to be overclocking but don't want to cut corners if the Ballistix is going to be significantly better, I do a lot of audio recording so need a fast machine. So, do I pay the premium for Ballistix or go for their standard Ram?

    Cheers for any help guys.

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    Depends whether the audio programs you use will benefit from 2GB of RAM, if they don't then just stick with a GB of decent stuff.
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