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Thread: Shuttle SN85G4 Whisper Problem

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    Shuttle SN85G4 Whisper Problem

    Hi Ive had my shuttle for around 5 months now and was wondering if anyone had the same probelm as me. There is an annoying whispering problem coming from the machine but the location is hard to find. However the whispering stops when i scroll on internet explorer or the cpu starts doing intesive tasks. Hence it whispers most of the time when the cpu does nothing. Ive heard of problems with coils etc on earlier shuttles but as i understand that happens when you scroll. mine stops when you scroll. Dont know if these problems are related.

    Has anyone else had this occur or can anyone offer me some help.

    Gaming PC: Athlon 64 3400+ @ 2.4 Ghz Stock; Shuttle SN85G4V3; Club 3D X800XT; 2x1Gb OCZ PC3200 EL Platinum 2-3-2-5; SB Audigy 2 ZS; WD Raptor 150GB; Maxtor DM10 200Gb; Pioneer DVR 110

    Media PC: Athlon Thunderbird 1.2 Ghz; Shuttle SN45GV2; Geforce 2 MX; 2x256Mb OCZ PC3500 CAS2; Seagate Bararcuda 160Gb; NEC DVD

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    It's caused by coil whine and it's very annoying (particularly when you've got a silent system). On my last PSU (RIP) I hot glue'd the coils and it worked fine for a while. The coil that seems to make the most noise is the one near the front but as it gets hotter than the others, the glue partially melted and the problem reappeared. My new PSU is under modding ATM and I'm planning to use epoxy resin to very lightly coat the coils to prevent this noise.

    Sometimes the noise can be caused by the coils under the PSU (maybe a different place on 85G4).

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