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Thread: Shuttle Advice?

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    Shuttle Advice?

    Ladies and Gents,
    Currently I own a Barton 2500+ and an ABIT NFS-S V2 which sit in a huge tower case that takes up far too much room and makes too much noise. For these reasons, I would like to change the system for a much smaller SFF. I had my mind set upon the SN45 (meaning I would not need to fork out for another processor) from (a bargain at £140). However after checking their site today and then emailing them, I find out they have stopped stocking the SN45.

    Herein lies my dilemma… do I go somewhere else and pay a bit more for the SN45? Or do I purchase a different type of SFF? (perhaps an athlon 64 version or perhaps not even a shuttle?). In case anyone is wondering, I use the PC mainly to play World of Warcraft which ran fine on the above equipment coupled with 1Gb 3200 Ram and a Radeon 9700 Pro graphics card.

    And so I bring my problem to you, hoping for some inspiration and some good sound advice.

    Please note I have recently taken on a mortgage and so I am in no way a rich man :-) (I was looking at spending about £300).

    Thanks to everyone who reads my mundane ramblings and thanks especially to those who comment.


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    Hi there,

    The SN45G would probably be the best choice if you don't want to splash out on a lot of new hardware. Scan have it for £157 and I would assume you would get free delivery if you use your Hexus details etc.

    You could also take a look at the SN85G4 and maybe pick up a cheap Sempron or A64 if you really want to move to better system. Ofcourse all your existing hardware bar the cpu and motherboard would work with it.

    So really it's whether or not you want that extra little bit of oomph or you just like the way it is but want it smaller (No Pun intended).

    Take a look at the XPCWiki for more information regarding the Shuttles and see what suits you better.

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    There are few places that have the SN45 cheap,

    CCL: £130.43 inc. Clearance (probably refurb)

    Eclipse: £140.94 inc. V2, not V3

    Savastore: £127.78 inc. B-Grade "ITEM DAMAGED IN TRANSIT. CASING TWISTED."

    I was looking at the SN45 myself, but given how cheap you can pick up a P4 SFF, I think I'll be getting one of those instead.

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