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Thread: 200GB HDD New Setup Config

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    200GB HDD New Setup Config


    I have been reading with interest how to configure the Partitions. I have a Maxtor 200G SATA and am thinking of the following. Just after a few opinions if it would work well, or if not, recommend another way?

    5GB Windows OS
    2GB Pagefile
    25GB Windows Apps
    80GB MS FS2004
    50GB Downloads
    20GB Storage

    That takes me to 182G which should be about what I have available.


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    pagefiles are soo 1990's

    don't worry too much about going partition mad, its really not neciessery, the only reason you partition is to help the pagefile (which buying 1GB+ of ram is a good solution too needing) and to stop certain tasks growing out of had, partitioning makes it easy to say "oh my games are taking up too much space).

    but its damn anoying when your games are taking up too much space, and you think you'll just do less work.
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    • kalniel's system
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      • Operating System:
      • Win 10 Pro x64
      • Monitor(s):
      • Dell U2311H
      • Internet:
      • O2 8mbps
    I think I'm behind on times.. I didn't know windows could use an exclusive pagefile partition (or is this just a data partition that you set upto the full size of as a windows pagefile?) Then again I still use fat32 (so I don't know how cluster sizes work in NTFS)

    Looks good to me - I'd be amazed if you could fill your FS2004 partition

    Are you planning on using the windows system restore and/or hibernate functions? If so you might want to think about where to put them, but they could probably go in your storage partition fine.

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    That looks like a good partition scheme. I'll all in favour of keeping the OS onm a separate partition - makes re loading/repairing a bit less risky. If you can get hold of Partition Magic or one of the other partitioning tools, you can resize the partitions later (if you need to) without losing data (but of course, you would ALWAYS make a back up before doing anything serious like tweak the partition tables... wouldn't you...?)

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