The EPoX EP-8HDA5+ looks like my ideal board but I can't find much of anything about it on the net, just a bunch of retailers selling it. No posts in google groups, nothing. I guess there are two options: #1 it's not a popular board or #2 it's such a solid board, no one has to complain about it.

Do anyone know anything about the reliabiliy of this board? I know Epox had some issues with caps 1-2 years ago. How are their boards today?

My fallback board is probably going to be the Asus K8V-X. The Asus board doesn't have the extra four channels of SATA that the Epox does and I am seeing lots of reports of problems with Asus boards in the the Newegg reviews.


Asus K8V-X

Note: I'm steering clear of NForce boards for Linux compatibility.