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Thread: Noisey NBF's a rant

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    Noisey NBF's a rant

    Just to vent some steam . Im trying to find a new motherboard I was going to go for the Abit AN8 ultra 'cause of the silent cooling but ive just realised it does not have a parrlell port for my printer and ive started to have concerns over the passive cooling maybe not being great SO i have a look around and it seems that to get everthing I want im going to get a deluxe or a sli moby - not a problem only a few quid more. So im thinking of getting either the ASUS A8N-SLI standard or MSI K8N Platinum I read the reviews both are decent - but every one i read says the same thing decent board, good features, ok layout BUT the NBF's are noisey as hell - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh the frustration i am feeling is immense , They give us all these nice features like sata 2, firewire, PCIE etc but it seems only a couple of boards have passive cooling as standard. My pc is in the frontroom so ideally i want something as quiet as possible but its doing my head in that i come across the dreaded has a noisy NBF every 5 minutes. y has hardley anyone come up with a maybe slightley larger nbf on a heatsink or something i know space is one concern but im sure they could come up with something!

    Anyway my main question does anyone who has the Asus A8N-SLI standard been able to quiten or replace the NBF and if so what did u do? cheers guys

    Permanently confused

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    the reasoning behind not having big heatsinks is the need for vlearence for sli. also you stand less chance of cooking it in a case with no airflow. You can get teh little blue zalman heatsinks

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