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Thread: Some SFF Advice please....

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    Some SFF Advice please....

    A about a year ago I decided I was going to go SFF, however I didnt go the shuttle route.
    I got the following pieces of hardware.

    Antec Aria case
    3000+ AMD (Winchester Core)
    Foxconn M-ATX Sk939 Nf4 v/card
    Cosair 512Mb (2x256) LPT2 mem

    When purchasing the system, I didnt pay very close attention to the placement and size of the PSU. So I ended up having to use the stock AMD cooler, and even with Cool and Quiet things wernt so quiet. At first i was running a POS PCI Geforce 4, but upgraded to a 6600 std. Performace was acceptable, but just not quiet enough.

    Anyways the board in my main P4 rig went down, and I moved over to that the cpu, mem, vcard and bought myself an XP120 cooler and a A8N-SLI- Delux.

    Again in terms of silence this could not match my P4 setup. So I gave up with the quiet small rig and played with my full sized rig.

    Having just moved out from home into my own place, I got a second hand M-ATX board and a mobile p4 to chuck into my Aria SFF rig, and I was amazed at how quiet it was. To be honest you cant hear a thing, admittedly the CPU only runs @ 1.2Ghz, and is only used as a DL box. Ok Im ranting what do I wanna do....

    I have quite a collection of hardware that I'd like to reuse or sell on to fund, a nice reasonably powerful SFF PC. I usually just play games on my rig, either EVE or WoW.

    Here are the parts I have,
    P4 2.8Ghz C Stepping
    3000+ AMD Winchester Core
    2x36Gb WD Raptors
    2x250Gb Maxtor PATA
    1xSamsung 120GB SATA
    2x256 OCZ GOLD DDR 500
    2x256 Cosair 3200 LPT2
    1x5900 flashed as 5950U
    1x6600 std
    1x Foxconn NF4 M/B

    I have a fair few options, but am unsure of what route to go. Its either stick with what i have, sell bits or everything and get a shuttle rig, or finally reuse the AMD board I have and get a different case this time, so I can use some premium cooling.

    Or final option is to get a slightly bigger case and get some W/C.....

    Is SFF the way to go?? If so any recommendation on the Shuttle I should consider?

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