Hi guys.

Going to build a Shuttle system. My initial intentions were to make a pretty system with water cooling (more to show off than anything) on a reasonable budget. This meant not the latest, latest technology.

Unfortunately I keep getting into conversation with some people who keep convincing me to wait for AMD's dual core and to go with a 939 supported Shuttle, PCI-E, Nvidia 4 etc etc.

First off, I use an AMD XP 1800+, 512mb pc2100 ram, GF3 Ti200, MSI K7T mobo. This system has been untouched pretty much and done me well for the past 4 1/2 years. However, I love the Shuttle look, I want to beef my system up a bit to play the latest games and also I want new stuff like a DVD RW which are very cheap now.

My budget? Well not really got 1 setup in my head. My main objective is to get the Shuttle off the ground and started on. Already have a monitor, albeit big, bulky and kinda out dated. Will upgrade to a TFT soon, something like a 17" Neovo or something similar. Not yet though.

Shuttle...which one!? Probably go with AMD as my 1800xp has served me well. Not sure on what processor though, therefore no idea what Shuttle to go for. Seeing as I'm definately going to watercool I want something very sleek and quite basic inside. I'd be content with a 754 processor, but have been told to steer clear. When you see 60 quid delivered for a 3000+ CPU, it's hard to justify the reason to go for the bigger brother the A64 939 3200+ for another 100+ quid. You also have to add another 100 quid on for the price of an A64 supporting Shuttle.

HDD, not an issue - will use SATA and go for something quiet like a Samsung Spinpoint which I've heard very good things about.

GFX card - Probably a GF6600 XFX or a Radeon 9800 Pro - Something overclockable with good results and can handle today's and to an extent tomorrow's games.

Memory - People recommend the Samsung PC3200 stuff, 1xgig of that.

DVD R/W - Not really looked into it, but the Aria webby has a Pioneer (??) one for like 35 quid which seems bloody cheap and apparently very good.

Anyway thanks for your help. No idea where to buy the Shuttle from - they seem to hold their money!!! Even eBay is quite expensive compared to the retail on Aria/Scan etc.