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Thread: Graphics Tablet Question

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    Graphics Tablet Question

    Im thinking of getting a graphics tablet, ive looked at Wacom and their just ridiculously priced, an A6 tablet is around 72 quid, so i thought bah to that and come across the Nisis EasyPen G6 A4 for 76 quid. I think ull agree its superior in value to the wacom. Ive looked at the specs and their both very similar, the only thing im not sure on is that the nisis tablet uses an RF Wireless Pen and mouse. Does it matter that they are RF, because i know that normal Wireless RF mice need to be in direct line of sight with the reciver in order for them to work correctly, would this be the case or is it different for Gtablets bcos the tablet its self is the receiver? Thanks for ne help
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