Finally I have managed to get my 5.1 audio setup working. The combination of z5500's & audigy 2 zs wasnt as clear cut as I thought it would be. I have set it up so that when I want to watch a movie (dvdr/xvid) with surround, I can select the coax digital input and get true digital surround. And when in-game I select 6channel direct (analogue). I have been using the fddshow codec as to render the auio and video, is this a good thing ? Before I was having trouble finding a player that supported ac3 audio. VLC player did,but the digital sound was very choppy. Now I have installed fddshow, i can use windows media player and it seems to work nice. The only thing that disappoints is the colors in wmp look ****e when compared to power dvd, but when i play the xvid in powerdvd i dont get the digital surorund signal.

My question, have i got my stuff setup right, and do i need to use the ffdshow codec to acheive trude digital surround from xvids ?