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Thread: Antec P180 Vs Thermaltake Tsunami Dream (noise levels)

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    Antec P180 Vs Thermaltake Tsunami Dream (noise levels)

    I currently have a Thermaltake Tsunami Dream (black windowed, with extra 80mm side fan). While it's a nice case, I am starting to get fed up with the noise levels. I have all my case fans and HSF on a fan bus set to the lowest speeds possible. While gaming it's fine, but general use is starting to get to me a bit as i have it right next to me on my desk.

    So i am thinking of changing it to an Antec P180. It's a great looking case, which is important, and good cooling properties, but i am most interested in its noise levels. This case has a sound proofing system do it not? Anyone know how effective it is? What would it be like compared to my current case do you think?

    Also, is there a window panel available for the P180, and would this really increase the sound levels compared to not having a window? Although this is not really much for an issue, i'm not really that bothered about windows much anymore (they can look good, but are only really needed when using water cooling).



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    I junked my Tsunami Dream, and got a nice (brushed aliminium) Coolermaster ATCS, Doors annoy me, and the TD is full of sharp edges and corners. Plus, you try fitting a PSU to thee TD - a sodding nightmare!
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    Its not the case that makes the noise, its the components within it.

    If you're planning to use the same components in a new case, its going to be pretty similar in terms of noise levels, whether its a P180 or whatever. No case is capable of signifcantly quietening noisy components.

    You'd be better off addressing the problem at source - replacing the noisy components, buying genuine "quiet" fans etc. I also don't understand why people install window panels, extra fans etc and then complain about noise!

    I moved to a P180 from a V2000. CPU cooling was significantly better, but I was disappointed with a a number of aspects of the P180's design. Compared to you Tsunami, the P180 will be definite improvement - just don't expect miracles if you're continuing to use noisy components.

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    The problem on my case ware the 120mm fans, try booting up without them on (just for 10 seconds dont worry) and see what the noise difference is, then you will know to an extent how bad the case is.

    Unfortunatelly i dont own a p180 so i can tell you if the dampening helps or not!!

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    From someone who's obsessed about noise, I can tell you that the P180's fairly quiet.
    I'm running on stock cooling (I took the bottom fan out of the PSU chamber and didn't replace it with anything), but left the 2 top 25mm fans in and on 5V.
    It's not silent by any means, but it's the most silent I've ever been able to achieve on stock cooling with high performance parts by any means.
    As to sound dampening, I've found this case will help with certain bits and pieces.
    My hard drives, (Samsung SP2504C and Maxtor DM10 250GB 16MB) for instance, while rather silent in free air used to make a fair amount of noise during seeks (the maxtor anyway) in my old case, which began to drive me nuts. In this case, they are virtually inaudible all the time, the silicone grommets really do help.

    The side panels really do help cut down on any vibration. If you know anyone who does have a P180, you should try hitting them. It's a very strange (and dull) thud that they make.

    Hope this helps a bit,
    Post any more questions that you have any I'll try to answer them

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    I agree with all the above coments. The P180 IS a fantastic case with lots of nice touches, particularly hard drive vibration-reduction grommits - excellent. The other thing that's really good is it comes with the quietest fans i have ever used (you get a little switch on each fan for low-med-high and low is absolutely fine for me).
    Davidstone28 is quite right however, you need to address the source. The P180 will help to reduce some produced noise, but in my old case I got het-up with the idea of NEEDING good cooling, without actually putting it to the test; as a result I had about 6 case fans at one point, before realising I only needed 2 at most. The P180 wouldn't be good with those 6 original fans in it!

    Main sources of noise are (generally):
    Case fans (how many are needed?)
    CPU fan (get a Zalman or similar, or even reduce its speed maybe?)
    Graphics card fan (get an arctic cooler)
    PSU fan
    Motherboard chipset fan (i just took mine off and all is well 1 year later!)
    Hard drives.

    I was actually surprised when i got to the root of the matter to find out my 3 hard drives were the major culprits of my noise production, and most particularly my oldest drive - in fact i still intend on getting rid of my 3 year old 80GB western digital, i'm sure it's the noisiest thing i have, but it has my windows install on it, and i'm so reluctant to get rid of an installation that hasn't crashed in over a year!!
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