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Thread: Making an external backup device

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    Making an external backup device

    Hi all, im looking to buy a 300gb hard drive + caddy to make a nice external backup device.

    I will hook it up to my main machine wirth a USB2 cable, now if im transferring 50gb+ each evening/weekend, would this setup suffice?

    My reasons for using an external drive are quite simple, if there is a power surge, i dont want my backup drive potentially dieing with the main machine (it is connected to a surge protector, but you never know!).

    I dont really want to spend too much over £100. So, i was thinking a 300gb seagate or western digital drive (what do you recommend?) together with an ice box caddy. What are peoples opionions?

    Does anyone know of a cheap caddy that can connect onto a network?

    Thanks for any advice everyone,

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    I think staples have a linksys nslu-2 unit going cheap these days. It does just that , allows you to connect a couple of usb disks to a network. Even better , you can get some modified firmwares available for it to do a whole load of stuff !
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