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Thread: dual slot 7800

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    dual slot 7800

    i got one of the scan oem ones when they stocked them and would now like another
    but i notice scan dont sell them anymore, so i have two choices, either sell it and put funds towards the 7900 gtx,or ask you guys where i can pick up another dual slot gtx as it has the 512 cooler anyone know any toerh makes that do also or where i can get another oem one??

    i have been looking at the 7900 series is the 7900 gt faster than the 7800 gtx?
    i dont know why i want a new card as all i play is css lol but im planning to get a large crt monitor so i want to matain high fps at high res
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    The 7900GT performs better than the 7800GTX on some apps, and on a par in others.

    Could you post a link to the 7800GTX card you are talking about?

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    those are the scanfx cards.. OEM Nvidia 7800GTXes..

    You dont need two exactly identical cards to run SLI.. just as long as the other card is a 7800GTX.. it'll work.. so no biggy.
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    ive got a pair of them and will be letting one go very soon...when do you need it?
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