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Thread: DVD/CD Rom Help

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    DVD/CD Rom Help

    OK, I one DVD-Rom drive and one DVD-RW drive in my computer as well as a floppy and memorycard reader. I have just replaced the DVD-Rom drive with a CD-RW (mastster) and left the DVD-RW as the slave. It installed all fine and in the bios the master is the CD-RW and the slave is the DVD-RW (I didn't use 'Cable Select'). Yet in 'My Computer' the new CD-RW is configured correctly, but the DVD-RW thinks it is a Memory Stick and has the drive letter 'I' weirdly enough. I can't use it to record but I can read DVD's and CD's etc. If i press 'eject drive' the tray pops out! :S
    Under task manager the drive is there correctly!!!! I don't know what I've done wrong!!!

    <Edit> Wow I fixed it by changing both drives on the IDE lead to Cable Select!
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