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Thread: Shuttle SN95G5 V3 AMD Dual Core Installation

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    Shuttle SN95G5 V3 AMD Dual Core Installation

    I am trying to install an AMD Athalon 64 X2 3800+ dual core on a new SN95G5 and it is not working. I have tried two different shuttle units already and all other hardware issues have been verified.

    The processor is listed as supported by Shuttle, but I have a third shuttle unit and a new AMD, but still nothing.

    Does this Shuttle model not actually support the dual cores? Any help would be appreciated.


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    From what I remember, the SN95G5 does support X2 CPU's. There's a thread on the sudhian forums regarding this issue:

    Can you check which bios version you're running ?

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    The V3 should support most X2's out of the box but I know some more recent revisions where added by a BIOS flash, can you borrow an older socket 939 CPU and update the BIOS to the latest revision (fairly recent, Shuttle still support the SN95G5) then try your CPU again?

    The V1's and V2's never supported Rev E. CPU's properly (the 1st Dual Cores) however later revisions are supported provided you have the latest BIOS.
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