OK, just retired (and managed to get a few pennies ) for my first SFF MCE rig......an ASUS T2 s478 with 2.4GHz Celeron ....and this frees up money and desire to start again (so much TV to record ).....but need advice on what bits to go for - Help ?

First, Venice AMD 3000 or Penitum4 D805 (or similar)......and, based on this, what mobo ? Looking towards integrated (need to be MCE capable, mind ) Graphics atm, but - ideally - PCI-e slot for later use....and what about Viiv capable boards, if going Intel route ?

Second, suitable case......thinking 'shoebox' as opposed to desktop slimline - where I plan to place it doesn't allow a case with full-height PCI cards installed Anyone got any thoughts on Aspire Qpack or similar ? Other recommendations warmly accepted

TV Tuner wise, previously had an Avermedia hybrid PCI which worked perfectly with MCE, but prior to that had a Kworld hybrid which failed to record often.....so, will need advice on tried and tested TV cards (internal, please)......possibly dual-tuner....ideally with radio that works in MCE (the Avermedia and Kworld ones did not !).....

I really want decent MCE performance only, not bothered about gaming etc., as this is to be a second PC for DVR duties, primarily, and will jump onto my network at home....would like to think it can be quiet, too, not necessarily silent - may also use it with my Motorola Homesight security setup, save leaving on 'scary-power-drawing-main-PC' all the time

That should do it for now......please, any thoughts ? Thanks !