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Thread: Question about Multi GPU/Displays

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    Question about Multi GPU/Displays

    In the past I used a 7800GTX to run two 1920x1200 screens, and a Matrox card running a third 1280x1024 screen, but what I am wondering is in relation to using a pair of 16x PCIe cards that aren't in SLi, just 2 cards in one computer. For example using 2 7800GTX to run 4 screens, does it work? Or must the second card be PCI?

    The next question is if they are both nvidia cards, anybody know how nview handles 4 screens. When I did it, nview only picked up the two detected on the 7800GTX, not the matrox connected screen; not a surprise, but I can imagine it being tricky about using Dualview with more screens than "Dual"!

    Quickly, what's the best passive PCIe card these days? Is it something like the Asus 7600GS?


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    it works as long as there is no SLi mode activated. Best passive card (of the nvidia range) would defo be the 7300LE or even 7600GS as you suggested
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