I recently bought a SD36G5M barebones.
I got it installed, everything was going well right up to the point where I put in the Shuttles Extras cd. It had some software on it called ProMagicPlus which purported to be some back up software...sounds good thought I, it will save me buying Norton Ghost.
So I installed it....big mistake
It totally trashed my harddrive. Windows would not boot (could not load NTLDR). Window install disk kept saying it couldn't see the hardrive.
Much buggering around with the bios later I got out my Partition magic rescue disks from my old pc...this wouldn't recognise the harddrive either.
Eventually by setting the bios to IDE rather than AHCI I got partition magic to at least load.
Then I deleted all my partitions - thinking that this has to work.
I put the windows install disk back in...it still wouldn't recognise the hard disk...it was like it had a memory of what went before.
I then decided to reset the CMOS (maybe something is stored in there...who knows).
Amazingly, this worked now the windows installer recognised my disk. I switched back to AHCI and installed windows successfully.
I am posting this incase anyone else falls into the same trap I did.
The moral is avoid ProMagicPlus like the plague. Quite why Shuttle bundle something that seems to disagree with its hardware I don't know. Shuttle for me stand for quality...but that software is trash...from the awful website to the manual in broken english..its not a quality product.

Ok...end rant...

Hope this info is useful to someone