I splashed out ( a whole 22 quid) on one of these today as a replacement for my wife's keyboard (which is also our 24/7 server PC) which I thought rather cute idea.. Hopefully it's not a bag of crud! Rather interesting was:

Details here: http://www.a4tech.com/en/product2.as...MNO=KIP(S)-800

Plus it has the benefit of a super-ghay(tm) product name.. lol

(from another thread)


Anyway got this today and i've briefly tried it - plugged it in and windows started installing new USB devices... and some time later i had a new audio device on the system... Interesting I thought so i immediately tried playing winamp through the on-board speaker (a bit of Slayer) and it worked fine. Ok, it's a weedy wee speaker but it's meant for just hearing the phone ring (and avoids you needing to leave speakers on to hear it) - speaking of which... it's sooooo tiny The handset is only as tall as a mobile (say a nokia 3310) and held in place by a small magnet on the keyboard itself. The keyboard feels very much like a large laptop - the keys are very flat and feel quite soft to use. It's a very (very) slim keyboard and looks very svelt and sleek. For the money it's not bad at all! Being as it has it's own soundcard it they helpfully stuck mic/headphone jacks on the side which means it's very handy if you've got your pc on the floor and avoids need long leads/extensions. I've got a cheapo headset for that purpose.

I'm going to give it a full runover tonight when i get back from work but it looks like just the thing i wanted to persuade the missus to use VOIP to call malaysia with.. Clever product - seems obvious to package everything in this way and i've paid far more for 'just' a keyboard in the past so the price looks good too.