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Thread: IBM's plans for new CPU Cooling...

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    IBM's plans for new CPU Cooling...

    Inbetween the heatspreader and the core itself...

    What do you think?

    Watercooling built into the CPU packaging itself!

    To get better heat transfer from the core -> heatspreader:
    A highly viscous paste is brought between the chip cap and the hot chip in order to reduce the thermal resistance. Thanks to its tree-like branched channels, the architecture allows the paste to spread very homogenously and attains a thickness of less than 10 micrometers. With this technique, two times less pressure is needed to apply the paste and a twofold increase in cooling performance can be achieved.
    Also microscopic WC'ing:
    The researchers are also developing a novel and promising approach for water-cooling. Called direct jet impingement, it squirts water onto the back of the chip and sucks it off again in a closed system using an array of up to 50,000 tiny nozzles and a tree-like branched return architecture.
    Quite groovy if it starts appearing on CPU's...

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