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Thread: Should I upgrade or not?

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      • Enermax Galaxy 850watt
      • Case:
      • Silverstone TJ05
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      • Windows 7 Home Premium
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      • 20" Dell(rebadged sony) trinitron CRT
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      • 20mb cable internet connection

    Should I upgrade or not?

    I've had my current system for about 2-3 years now(see below) and my only upgrade in that time has been the xfi card.

    Was thinking of upgrading and poss looking at a core 2 duo.
    Going this route would involve near enough a new sys as would have to change the mobo, gfx card(as I was looking at the p5b deluxe mobo which doesn't support agp) and have to find a ide-sata convertor(don't even know if they exist) as would like to keep my optical drives and my hard drives.

    a few questions:

    1: How much of my current sys could I realistically transplant into a new mobo(even if I don't go for the above one) as the 6800gt has always done me well(although I know DX10 is round the corner so would have to upgrade at sometime anyway), would the current memory speed cause a big bottleneck?

    2: How much roughly would I be looking at for the new kit(if I assumed I went for a 6300 or 6400 processor, 2 gig ram, decent mobo and maybe a good gfx card)

    3: Is it worth waiting for the new amd processors to come out before upgrading(as I've used only amd for past 10 years)
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    I've got a 6800gt still and I'm loathe to replace it until I have to. Id wait for DX10 cards to mature on that before making the plunge.
    All comes down to how much of a budget you have....

    If on a budget...
    ASRock DualVSTA mobo (supports PCI express, AGP)
    E6300 or E6400

    When you are ready to go PCI express & DX10, you can upgrade with minimal fuss.

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