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    Motherboard Advice


    I have an Asus P5LD2, its an OK board - not bad for £68 - at the time of purchase ( 2 weeks ago ) I needed two IDE slots (2 X ATA H DRIVES, 2 X ATA D DRIVES).

    Now, I have a Raptor SATA drive, however I would like to keep the other 2 drives in use - quite a bit of storage, but I could use one of the PCI IDE controller thingys - or some other means to get them hooked up.

    My Mobo had some faults, so I'm maybe looking at getting a different one:

    I'm going to OC, my P5LD2 would OC to about 400Mhz (2.8GHz - C2D E6300), ideally I'd like to hit 3GHz!

    So, my requirements are - nice OC, good value and PCI-E.

    Any advice?

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    How much?
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    Anywhere upto about £90 would be a nice price

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