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Thread: LaCie Mobile Hard Drive

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    LaCie Mobile Hard Drive

    Getting a new car radio with USB, for which I will need a 2.5" bus powered hard drive. Ignoring the fact I'd probably have gone for LaCie anyway, they're the only make that are officially approved for the radio I'm getting, and 40gb would be sensible. The model I'm getting is this one:

    Two questions:

    1. Can the hard disk be removed? Reason I ask is I want 40gb for the car, but an 80gb is only about £10 more so I thought I'd get the 80gb and swap the drive with the 40gb in my laptop... killing two birds with one stone.

    2. If the hard disk can be removed, does anyone know what make will be fitted, and would there be any problems swapping this with the 40gb that is currently in my laptop?

    Obviously if there's likely to be any problems, I'll just buy the 40gb (the place I'm getting my car radio from sell it in a bundle with the 40gb so I'd just buy that)

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    • alexpollard's system
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      • Asus P5B-Deluxe WiFi/AP
      • CPU:
      • Intel Core2Duo E6600 @ 3.2Ghz
      • Memory:
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      • Storage:
      • 2 x Samsung Spinpoint 500Gb & 1 x LaCie 500Gb External
      • Graphics card(s):
      • BFG 8800GTX 768Mb OC
      • PSU:
      • Corsair HX620W Modular
      • Case:
      • Antec P160
      • Monitor(s):
      • Samsung 22"
      • Internet:
      • ADSL24 8mb (well, 2mb mostly...)
    I personally would not remove the drive from the case if that is what you are asking. I am sure it can be done though. Also bear in mind that some 80gb drives actually require more power than smaller ones.

    A better suggestion would be to buy a cheap 2.5" hard drive enclosure off ebay and try your laptop hdd in that. I have an 80gb drive in one and it works off the USB cable. although I must admit on some computers it needs the special double USB cable to obtain enough power. Has only happened on once though.

    I also have a Freecom 80gb mobile HDD which is also great and pretty cheap.

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    I'd rather stick with the LaCie to be honest, problem with running it off a car radio is there's only one USB socket and limited power and the LaCie is the only drive that they list as supported i.e. works properly lol

    Guess I'm probably best just buying the bundle with the 40gb and stick with 40gb in my laptop hehe

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