Hey all Have two new questions about this motherboard for those of you who know how to set it up nice.

1) I read that if you just run the case fans straight from the PSU and dont put them through the motherboard, they run at full speed and its just better... So I tried it, and they seem to spin nice and fast and they are still silent. But when I boot up now... the system starts, then it stops itself... then a couple of seconds later, it starts itself again, and boots up normally. This is quite worrying cause I dont think things like hard disks like being turned off and on quite fast like that. Should I plug the little seperate fan lead back into the motherboard? I was just trying to get the fans to run as fast as possible because they are so quiet. (not sure if its faster with that plugged into the mobo or not to be honest)

2) When I select AHCI in the "onboard sata/ide ctrl mode", the computer stops recognising my (ide) DVD-RW drive. If I set that setting to IDE instead, it recognises it. What should I do? I want my SATA-II disks to run as fast as possible, but I also was hoping my IDE DVD-RW would be able to work with them all. It all works if I set that option to IDE, but I heard that AHCI is best. Is there any way around it?