I’m thinking about buying an LCD/TFT monitor which will be used primarily for 2D/3D games (Doom3, HL2, etc..) and for watching DivX/Xvid Anime.


Native Resolution 1280 × 1024
Brightness / Contrast 300 cd/m2 / 700:1
On/Off Response Time: 6 ms (typical)
Midtone Response Time: 2 ms (typical)

The specs & quality look good, but I’m rather skeptical about the low contrast: 700:1. It seems a bit low for today’s standards, as I’ve seen other monitors with higher contrast, 1000:1 – 2000:1 (LG monitors), but they have a much higher Response time: 16-20ms, which would be bad for extreme gaming experiences.

Also, this monitor comes with a Height Adjustable Stand: Tilt / Swivel / Pivot: 30° Up, 0° Down / 35° Right, 35° Left / 90°
But it does not specify whether the “Height Adjust Stand” can pivot/rotate, 90° both Left and Right?
I’m interested for it to be able to pivot/rotate 90° Right, so that I can play Vertical Shoot Em Ups in vertical/TATE mode, as well as connecting a game console (PS-2,Dreamcast,Saturn,ect…)

The other optional “EzUp Stand:” Can only pivot/rotate: 10° Right, 92° Left, which is not what I need.

1. Are the above specs good enough for my gaming/multimedia needs, or is the Contrast brightens (700:1) too low for the job?

2. Can the basic “Height Adjust Stand” (which comes with the monitor), pivot/rotate, 90° both Left and Right (Or at least 90° Right)?

3. Are there any subjective reviews / benchmarks for this specific EIZO S1911SH

Thanks in advance.