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Thread: Opinions on Last Chaos?

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    Opinions on Last Chaos?

    One more question from someone looking for a new time-waster! LOL
    I saw some Last Chaos ads, any one tried it and have opinions? I found out that forum opinions are usually closer tot he way I feel about games that the reviews I read in mags, on the sites and such>

    Thanks, everyone!

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    Played it for about 2 hours, then lost a bit of interest. This is mainly diue ot the fact that I played WOW for ages and this seemed so similar. I packed WOW in due to over-play.

    None-the-less its a decent free online mmorpg. Lots of content, reasonable graphics (for a freebie). I just downloaded it to see what it was like. Give it a go, you have nohing to lose except a bit of download time.

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