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Thread: Good PVP Players to work with..

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    Good PVP Players to work with..


    I thought it a good idea if we started to construct a list of good PvP players we should help, spend time and mana healing, buffing and generally trying to keep alive. Those that not only will return the compliment but also take time to acknowledge the fact that they have helped you out.

    I found it very statisfying last night to manage to save Blitti the lvl 60 Mage from the brink, he can't have had more than 100 hp left and had curse of agony and priest's DOT spell on him too (shadow pain i think its called)

    A thank you was instantly said and he provided me with 20 * lvl 45 summoned water to recover ~3000 mana....

    I have to say that my impression is that Hexus Horde has created a very good impression in PVP with the Umbrage and Brothers of Goep, as i constantly see them helping our members, and vice versa.

    I thought it would be good to list those that you can recommend as good allies of Hexus.Horde


    1. Zaka
    2. Nakari

    Chaos Creators

    1. Dasa
    2. Blitti

    More to follow i'm sure...

    -- Hexus Meets Rock! --

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    Keeneye - While i was dying yesterday, he kept healing me and buffing

    I find a nice PM saying thanks goes a long way / must be horrible for a priest to recieve no thanks after saving someones skin all the time

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    A pleasent post Tig but it should be added that we should be nice to all the people we meet Just in case people reading this get the impression we are only going to help the above.

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