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Thread: Pre-built system concerns...

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    Take a look at the £700 system from Aldi. You won't find a better deal anywhere. Period.

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    Just had to make comment where Holly Computers are concerned.
    I ordered a Graphics card from them but it wasnt in stock, so they sent me an email saying they should have some in within 7 days. Ok i'll wait.
    During this time the whole Holly Computers site goes down for over a week and emails start getting returned saying undeliverable.
    2 Weeks later and nothing so i email them and get no reply so i phone them and they say they have no idea when they will have them in stock, and advise me of an alternative. I'm fed up with waiting so i say ill take the alternative card.
    2 days later the card turns up and it's not the one they said they were gonna send... it's pci-e and i have an agp board. (Stressed 3 times to the guy that it must be agp and not pci-e)
    I phone them,and they tell me that yes they made a mistake and i need to send the card back (at my expense) before they can refund my money and the postage. At this point i'm kinda pi**ed and i tell them i aint impressed and i get this response......
    For gods sake mate it aint exactly the end of the world is it? We made a mistake... im sure you made a few in your time. What do you expect me to do about it? It's hardly worth getting upset about is it?
    I send the card back...exactly one week after they get it i still aint recieved any refund from them. I phoned them about the refund again today and they tell me it takes a while for refunds to sort out cos they gotta do paperwork and stuff, they will look into it.
    So, over 3 weeks from ordering a card from them, i have exactly nuthin except a £150.00 hole in my bank account.
    Been buying components online for a few years now and can safely say i've never come across a more arrogant and unprofessional company.

    >Rant ends< i feel a bit better now

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