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Thread: Budget Gaming PC Build

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    Re: Budget Gaming PC Build

    Quote Originally Posted by dacads View Post
    Check out the Raijintek Aidos, a 92MM fan cooler that outperforms the CM 212 evo!
    Actually no, not from the reviews I've seen.
    Now the techpowerup tests use an open bench system and frostytech uses a synthetic test.
    Techpowerup run the fans at full speed and frostytech also runs tests at 5v (low)

    There is of course one major issue in that they both used the US version of the hyper212evo which has a higher rpm fan than the EU version, which will push more air and keep the temperatures lower than the EU one.
    However both show that the 92mm fan on the Raijintek Aidos is louder than the 120mm fan on the hyper212evo and the 212's fan is not quiet at full speed.

    Granted you shouldn't be running your cpu fan at full speed, that's a big part of what a PWM fan is good for, but finding numbers for less the 12v full speed isn't easy because reviewers tend to overlook them as it's more complex
    If you compare the frostytech 5v (low) numbers to the Raijintek Aidos, the Raijintek Aidos is within 0.3c at 85w loads and beating the 212evo by 3.8c at 150w loads but the 212evo is also 10.1dBA quieter
    This shows that 5v really isn't that good a test, ideally you need a test where the fans are tuned to the same dBA in addition to 12v fan testing.

    That's not saying the Raijintek Aidos is bad but I do question your statement that it "outperforms" the hyper 212 evo
    What the reviews show is that the 212evo and Aidos are too close to call (within 1c is easily in margin of error) at 85w loads and the 212evo is better at 150w loads while at the same time it's quieter.
    But again that's the US evo which has a higher rpm fan, so the EU version will have slightly weaker performance but is also quieter.

    As an alternative to the freezer7pro it does look like it's a reasonable option.

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    Re: Budget Gaming PC Build

    You could drop the Intel chip for an fx6300 and get an add drive as well...

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    Re: Budget Gaming PC Build

    If you are going to buy the xfx 550 psu (which i like bye the bye) better getting it from BT shop(same place as dabs) but p&p only £1.99 save £2.

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