Only recently received my 3XS system and so far it looks great. I have a sound issue though. I have a PC monitor with one HDMI port and a stereo output (green) jack and a simple set of 2 speakers with a stereo (green) plug.

I also have a TV box which I want to use on the monitor alongside the PC. The TV box has an HDMI port.

Right now, with the PC connected to the monitor via DVI and the TV box connected to the monitor via HDMI, I cannot have sound coming out from the speakers from both TV box and PC - the speakers are either connected to the back of the monitor (TV sound is on) or on the back of the PC motherboard (PC sound is on).

Since the gfx card has a HDMI port, I was considering purchasing an HDMI switch to which I could link the TV box and the PC as inputs and send the output via another HDMI cable to the monitor. I could then plug the speakers on the monitor and choose each time which HDMI input would be active (TV or PC).

I would like some advice on the following:

- I am told that there is some small SPDIF 2-pin cable that should link the mo-bo to the gfx card and this should be present in order for the sound to travel from the mo-bo to the card and off to the HDMI port. Should I expect that my system has this already in place? If not, is this provided in the spares included in the mo-bo box? To be honest I am not sure whether me opening the box and filddling with it would mess up with the warranty hence I am asking for this piece of information.

- More generally, would the idea of the HDMI switch work well for both PC and TV box? Any suggestions on suitable hardware would be welcome.

Many thanks for any help