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Thread: new build advice please

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    new build advice please

    Hi guys,

    I have had a pc from 3xs for the last few years and have been very happy with it so I am looking for some advice on a new pc - I just don't know enough about the CPU/memory to make an informed decision so advice required.


    1. budget - approx £1200
    2. use - will be used for general surfing and business use so don't need a fancy graphics card for gaming
    3. need to be able to run a few applications at the same time so needs as fast a CPU as possible - does this just depend on the CPU or is it in association with the most amount of memory?
    4. storage - need min 1000GB

    Any help or advice gratefully received as I have been looking through the different systems and am thoroughly confused

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    Re: new build advice please

    Hi G_t

    Sorry its taken this time to get back to you, looking at your requirements it seems you can get a very nice specification with the budget in mind. Personally i would be looking at the I5 series of CPUS which is more than powerful for your requirements. Please mail me direct ******** with your details and I will forward a quote.

    Best Regards
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