I purchased a large list of products from SCAN to build my PC from scratch and 2 of the products, the GTX 580 GPU and the ASUS X58 Sabertooth motherboard were faulty on arrival. These were returned to SCAN for testing where they made numerous mistakes, such as only seeming to acknowledge that I had sent in the GTX 580 and not the X58 Sabertooth, PSU or RAM (the PSU and RAM were deemed not faulty). After 2 months of multiple calls to SCAN, all was resolved and I received my RAM, PSU, GPU and mobo. I didn't test these all out straight away as I am in full time education and live in 2 different houses with my mother and father. When I did, however, i found that the motherboard didn't even get to the BIOS, it simply showed a constant lit DRAM LED. I tried re-seating everything, changing the RAM ordering, using only one stick of RAM and generally testing the entire system. Once I removed everything and reassembled it piece by piece it suddenly started to work. Then when I placed it back in the case it started lighting the DRAM LED again and not booting. I have tried EVERYTHING but I can only get the mobo to boot outside the case. I have a feeling there is a problem when it is being screwed to the case as that is when it stops working. However when I did boot to Windows when booting outside the case I tested the GPU and it was fixed perfectly but the sound didn't work. I pluged the HD Audio cable from the case into the mobo and tried both speaker inputs, front and back, but still no sound. I checked the playback device list in Windows 7 and found it said the Realtek HD Audio was 'Not Plugged In' which it was. My RMA number for the returns was 239017 and to be honest i'm getting very tired of having all these problems. I understand that faulty products are out of SCAN's control, to an extent, but I simply want a quick, easy return if needs be this time around. I am currently doing AS Levels in school and REALLY need a computer for my coursework.

Hope someone can get back to me soon