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Thread: Vista Ultimate OEM 64bit

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    Vista Ultimate OEM 64bit

    I ordered (and just received) my Vista Ultimate OEM 64bit version on the basis that the description on the Scan website says:

    "System Requirements
    Required: 800 MHz or faster processor
    Recommended: 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor"

    I only went for the 64-bit version for future-proofing, thinking it'd work fine on my current 32-bit system... unfortunately this isn't the case, I received a "64-bit only" DVD that throws up an error when I try and install. Considering the security label on my box is now broken, any ideas what I should do now?? The website seriously needs to be changed asap before more people fall into the trap, it's obviously a pretty big mistake to have on there.

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    Speak to scan, if that fails, cut your loss by selling it.
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    If you know someone with a 32bit Vista Ultimate disk... your product key should work on it,

    ...otherwise try selling it on.
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