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Thread: RMA of Faulty Corsair Vengeance Memory

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    RMA of Faulty Corsair Vengeance Memory

    Hi guys,

    I recently had to RMA my RAM for my new Sandybridge build because it failed memtest and was crashing my system.

    Scan have tested it, found a fault and moved the RMA into the "Awaiting replacement / credit" section. I have no reason to panic yet, however I've heard from other forum posts that this can still take some time to process.

    Does anyone have any idea on a timescale? They obviously know there is a fault, and they have working memory of the same type in stock - but haven't sent it out yet.

    I wouldn't mind except since I had to send both the faulty and working DIMM back (cos they were a pair) I don't have a functioning PC!

    If I know it will take too long then I will buy something else instead.

    Thanks all.


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    Re: RMA of Faulty Corsair Vengeance Memory

    Can someone at Scan give me an update on this?

    my RMA number is 242990.

    I've phoned 4 times now, and don't want to antagonise anyone or come across as rude, however I would like to receive my product prior to the bank holiday as I have been without a working computer for some time now. (I have a receipt indicating DPD delivered the return to yourselves on the 8th).

    When I last phoned returns I was told they have the product in stock, and it appears to have been so on the website since I returned mine.

    If the RAM isn't sent out by courier on wednesday then I shall have to ask for a refund instead and order from another vendor locally, which I would prefer not to do.



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